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Holy Mount Athos

A World Heritage Monument and an independent state, the Holy Mountain includes 20 Orthodox monasteries.

The Athos in Greek mythology is one of the Titans who fought with the ancient Gods. According to mythology during the battle with the Titans , Athos threw a huge rock against Poseidon, who fell into the sea and created the Mount of Athos.

According to the tradition, as Mary was traveling to Cyprus with John the Baptist to visit Lazarus boat they were riding free from the course and the two of them were found in Athos. The ship anchored and Mary went to admire the scenery with the wild natural beauty. At that time asked her Son to make this part of the garden. Since then the region of Athos became the Garden of Virgin Mary and denied entry to all women.

Today the monasteries of Mount Athos are in possession of priceless treasures, including holy icons, vestments and objects (crosses, chalices), manuscripts, Christian texts, imperial edict relics etc.

Ancient Stageira

Ancient Stagira is one of the most important ancient cities of Halkidiki and is situated near the current Olympiad. Founded in 655 BC by Ionians settlers and is the place where the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle was born in 385 BC Stagira participated in the First Athenian League and later at Chalkidean League.

Philip II, father of Alexander, razed the city during the War of Olynthus in 349 BC and rebuilt in Aristotle's name whom deeply appreciated. According to other sources, the city was rebuilt probably by Alexander the Great.

When Aristotle died in 322 BC, his body was transferred to his hometown, proclaimed founder of the town and an altar was built over his grave. Locals established the 'Aristotelian', a celebration to honor his name. However, the town was deserted during the Greco-Roman era.

Today, visitors can see the remains of some buildings and Byzantine wall portions of the archaeological site.
Arxaia Stageira


Ouranoupolis is the town that welcomes pilgrims and prepares them for their spiritual journey to Mount Athos, hence its name which means city of the Sky. Prosforiou tower is the greatest monumental structure in Halkidiki. It built in 1344 by the Vatopedi Monastery on the protection of Ouranoupolis by pirates and was funded by the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II.

In May 1379, the domestic of Thessaloniki, John Palaeologus, hosted the tower.

Later, the tower hosted immigrants from Asia Minor in 1924.

Today, the tower is a museum that hosts Byzantine art exhibitions.

Aristotle’s Park in Stagira

Aristotle, the world famous ancient philosopher, whose theories influenced the route of history and shaped the modern world, was born in Stagira (only 35 km from AVATON Luxury Villas Resort), in 384 BC.

Aristotle studied logic, metaphysics, physics, ethics, political philosophy, zoology, psychology, literature and aesthetics. He was a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great.

In Aristotle park one could see the statue of Aristotle, as well as experimental, interactive instruments that operate with the laws of physics referred to Aristotle's books.

The park is popular for guests, combining recreation, entertainment and education.

Other local sights of interest

  • Amouliani: A small island with golden beaches, restaurants and the famous beach "Alikes".
  • Ouranoupoli: A village full of life, ideal for an evening stroll or dinner by the sea.
  • Zigou: The oldest monastiri in the Athos peninsula in Halkidiki just before the Holy Mountain border , just 2 km away from Ouranoupolis, founded in the early 10th century.
  • Cultural Center Ierissos: accommodates a 3D cinema which guides visitors to the monasteries of Mount Athos. The Center also hosts an exhibition space.

Local Museums

  • History and Folklore Museum of Arnea: presents photographs of village life, objects and tools. Some of these are pans, tubs, farming and beekeeping tools, the first radio in Arnea, coffee set, woodworking tools and the famous woven Arnaias.
  • Museum Weaving Arnaias: Τhere is no better way to learn about the art of weaving and local tradition. There is an exhibition of tools related to the process of preparing the yarn and weaving, as well as large rugs and carpets.

Thessaloniki & Vergina

  • Thessaloniki: Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, ideal for those wishing to visit Byzantine monuments and Malls.
  • Vergina: In Vergina archaeologists discovered the ancient city of Aigai, the ancient capital of the Macedonian kings. Some famous tombs of the royal dynasty are those of King Philip II and the young prince Alexander IV. Vergina is located 75 km away from Thessaloniki.

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